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Diagnostic Services

We offer a full line of services to take care of your pets from their early years to their senior years.



A small sample of your pet's blood can make all the difference in finding the diagnosis to their sickness. After a complete physical exam is done on your pet, at times we will recommend certain blood tests to give us more information about the health of their internal organs. We have the ability to perform this test, either in-house if results are critical to have immediately, or we can send the sample to the lab for a more comprehensive panel, with results the following day. This is also a very important part of the senior annual physical. By doing an inexpensive blood panel on your pet yearly when they start their senior years, we are more likely to find small changes in organ health before they become big problems.

Digital X-Ray

X-rays allow us to painlessly see inside your pet's body to further help us diagnose health problems. From limping to vomiting to coughing, in less than one minute we can get valuable information on the health of the bones or organs in question. Our x-ray system is all digital, which has many benefits. First, it's fast. It takes less than 10 seconds from when the image is taken, to when the doctor can see the film. Second, it's safer. There is less radiation for your pet. Finally, images can be emailed to specialists for consultation, if necessary, allowing for faster diagnosis.


Digtal X-ray


This is used as an adjunct to xrays. While xrays can give us a 2D view of the organs, telling us their size and position in the body, ultrasound gives us a 3D view, allowing us to actually look inside individual organs to determine if something is abnormal. An ultrasound is another painless, and non-invasive method we often use to reach a diagnosis. We also have the ability to email these images to specialists for consultation, if necessary.


Liver Ultrasound