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Our Clients Save

You may have received a flier in the mail about the local larger clinic(s) starting a client referral program. If you haven't heard about it, you can probably find the details on the internet.

Fair enough, let's briefly look behind the scenes at some savings based off of receipts and estimates new clients brought to us over the last year:

  • Emergency fees: Our base fee to drive in and see an emergency after hours, on the weekend or even on holidays is close to $100 less than neighboring clinics. We also address only what's necessary during the emergency, and won't try to up-sell you on non-emergency services like vaccines while you are here late at night.
  • Hospitalization: Our daily hospitalization charges for either a dog or a cat staying with us that is on IV fluids are over $100 less PER DAY. Average days spent in the hospital is usually 3 or more, leading to considerably less cost for the same care.
  • Dental Cleanings: We, on average, are $300-$400 less for a dental cleaning (including extractions in most cases) than surrounding clinics. This still includes anesthesia, and a highly skilled team cleaning and examining your pet's teeth. AND, in the month of February it would be an even greater savings since we ALWAYS have discounted dental cleanings in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month.
  • These are just a few of many examples where our clients save.

So for those new clients, if in one year, their pets needed an after hours appointment, three days of hospitalization and one dental cleaning, they could have saved around $700 by bringing their pets to Niagara Animal Hospital.

You can imagine how much the majority of our clients save each year by getting all of their routine care at our hospital.

Hopefully prices are not the only factor in your choice of veterinary care. Rather than listening to the marketing that all the area clinics do (including ours), we would ask that you do your own homework:

Call around and dig deeper than just the typically price matched items like vaccines and spays/neuters.

  • Find out how much it's actually going to cost if your pet gets sick and needs diagnostics, hospitalization and worst case, euthanasia.
  • Find out what annual treatments and protocols the hospitals are recommending.
  • Does the hospital try to sell their clients on a package or plan where the client has to pay monthly for "savings"?
  • Perhaps most importantly, ask if the staff or doctors are compensated based on production (i.e. if they run more tests, they get paid more); many larger animal hospitals operate that way. We do not.
  • Also ask relatives, friends, neighbors, and compare receipts, so you really know what to expect.

Make your own choice on what is the best fit for you and your pets.

At Niagara Animal Hospital we treat and charge everyone the same, whether you are an existing client, a new client, or just someone driving through that needs help. We treat everyone how we would like to be treated, and how we would like our pets treated. And, we are thankful for all the kind words and great reviews we have received from clients over the years.

If you are new to us, the post below is one of many great examples from this year demonstrating how we do business and how we treat people.   Thank you.

Dr Heather Bissens Signature

Well everyone is busy filling up Facebook with Valentine's Day posts I'd like to send out a huge shout out to Dr. Bissen at Niagara Animal Hospital. Yesterday Stewie gave us quite the scare. He came into contact with a toxic chemical luckily once I saw the signs I was aware of what it was, how he ingested it, and about how long it was in his system.

I am the first to admit I am faithful to "my vet" and her clinic, but I knew in this situation an hour drive was just too long. By the time I got in the car and flew to Niagara he was already heading in the wrong direction ataxia in all limbs, unable to hold his head up, and heavy breathing.

Dr. Bissen took us in immediately without hesitation even though we aren't regular patients there. Within MINUTES of discussing what had happened she was already treating him. I can't thank God enough that she didn't pull a new patient exam, etc like some vet clinics do!!! This was an emergency and she was professional, thorough yet timely, and confident. Within hours Stewie was making some progress, and by the early evening he was almost back to normal. This morning I was able to go pick up my baby and he is doing wonderful!!!

I truly can't thank Dr.Bissen and her staff enough for their immediate attention. I got the best Valentine anyone could ask for just take a look at him. The picture is post treatment :)

Here is the original post on facebook