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Investing In Our Patient's Quality of Life Through Better Medicine.

A State of the Art treatment option for Niagara Animal Hospital patients

In December of 2016 we added Laser Therapy as a treatment option at Niagara Animal Hospital. If you don't know what Laser Therapy is, you can read more about it on our website here.

Prior to purchasing the Therapy Laser we had identified a patient who we thought would greatly benefit from this fairly new technology. So we discussed the research material on the Therapy Laser with the patient's owners (long time and very caring clients). We asked what they thought of it, and if they would be interested in trying it out. They agreed and were very interested; so we bought the Therapy Laser. While this was a considerable financial investment, it was the logical next step, pairing with the rest of our state of the art equipment, allowing us to go one step further in providing high quality modern care for all of our patients.

This particular patient was an elderly Black Lab who was suffering from severe arthritis, among other issues, and had lost the 'pep-in-her-step'. To help manage her pain and improve her quality of life she was on a number of pain medications, which is a fairly common scenario for older pets. As you may or may not know, many pain medications help pets feel better temporarily but have the side effect of potentially damaging the pets liver and kidneys when used over the long term (hence frequent bloodwork monitoring while on these medications) - similar to many medications in human medicine. So using medications to manage pain is a double edged sword, they improve daily quality of life, but at the same time, potentially decrease long term quality of life.

Once Laser Therapy started, it was a great feeling to see our client's elderly pup restore much of her lost pep-in-the-step and significantly reduce her daily medications. We feel this is a great option for many of the elderly pets out there suffering from pain.

Below is a testimony from that very first Laser Therapy patient's owners.

(Names have been removed out of respect for our client's privacy)

An Amazing Therapy Procedure - My Observations

  • First day after treatment #1. Significant improvement in walking, standing & overall alertness. Could walk straighter. Was more stable on her feet. Held her head up higher and her ears perked up. She was willing to walk twice as far as the day before & was playful with more energy.
  • After 3 treatments I was able to decrease her pain pills by 1/3.
  • After treatment #4 she has returned to her enjoyable long morning stretch, is more vocal (barking) on her outdoor walks & has increased her daily walking distance by 4 times with renewed enthusiasm.
  • She still has some (or a little) difficulty in sitting back down after standing occasionally.
  • Sometimes has a little weakness in her hips after therapy (the strength returns in a day or less).
  • Before Therapy, her hips caved in, they are no longer caved.
  • Inexpensive.

Since then we have seen amazing results from using Laser Therapy. Besides arthritic patients, we use the Therapy Laser to treat a variety of other conditions, and even on the majority of our surgery patients to speed their recovery.

Some clinics argue offering Laser Therapy is not profitable enough, but to us, being able to raise our patient's quality of life and our standard of care is worth it.