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Want to save 30%-40% on your pet care bills?

Join us and find out what our clients have already been experiencing.

In an independent study of over 700 clinics nationwide, on average, our clients pay 32% less than the local/regional average and 40% less than the national average for veterinary care.

Why do our clients pay less over the long haul?

Here are a few reasons:

1. We don't like hidden fees.

We don't charge our clients with things like new client fees, additional fees to stay in the room while their animal family member is being euthanized, fees for reading bloodwork they have already paid for, injection fees, etc. The list of fees we have seen people charged for goes on and on.

2. Our prices are uniform across all services.

We don't low ball the prices on services you would typically shop around for, and then make up for it with high prices behind the scenes on diagnostics and treatments when your pets get sick.

We also don't try to rope our clients into a savings plan or package. Our clients save just by being here.

3. We have no commissions, incentives, or sales goals.

There's no push or hidden motivation here. If our staff recommends something, they genuinely believe in its value and it is what they would do if it was their own (or a family member's) pet.

"We've had many pets in our lifetime and would choose Dr. Bissen and her staff over any other clinic....Each person at this clinic will care about you, your family, and your pets like you are part of their family." - Google Review

Here are a few examples of why our clients pay less and how we value people.

Practice Manager Comments: It was an unexpected surprise to open the mail and receive the letter above. I am incredibly proud of our staff, who they are, and how they treat people. They make my job easier and are exactly the type of people I want to work with. - John Bissen (Owner)